The liquid motifs created by the melted enamel evoke a sea of clouds (Unkai) appearing at daybreak in the mountains.The full, round shapes fit naturally to the hollow of your hand. The height of the stems creates the illusion of a sea of clouds floating above your table, taking you to a world of marvels.

LIVING TALK - cekitay
Kaichiro Yamada


Kaichiro Yamada KAICHI DESIGN

After graduating from Musashino Art University in 1997, he remained at the university as a research associate until taking the helm at KAICHI DESIGN in 2004.
His work is focused on allowing everyone involved to be able to live vibrantly thanks to designs from thinkers, creators, promoters, and users.

Major works include branding for DENSHIRO, HIKIYOSE, LIVING TALK and ISUTOKU, product design for KOTORI (h concept) and SYUKI-DARUMA (sghr), and interior design for EDITORY.
Accolades include: Good Design Award (2004, ’11, ’13, ’14, ’16), Red Dot Design Award (2010), Design for Asia Award (Hong Kong, 2012), award for excellence at Tokyo Business Design Award 2013.
Past exhibits include: A Dream Come True (Milan, 2007), Product Design Today: Creating “Made in Japan” (The National Museum of Modern Art), among numerous others.